Blackpool Stag Parties

Blackpool, as far as Stag Parties are concerned, is like the unruly Cousin who you know you shouldn't invite but feel compelled to do so as it will be a much more entertaining affair! All the Stag Groups who arrive in this fun loving resort will inevitably leave with grins and the requisite hangover that comes with drinking your own bodyweight in beer! Blackpool has somehow managed to cram more pubs, bars, clubs, casinos and strip clubs into its city limits than would seem humanly possible and with the Pleasure Beach to boot, there will certainly be plenty for your Stag Group to see and do during your mate's epically entertaining last night of freedom!

The beauty of this vibrant town is that you can spend all day lolling about on the beach (barring horrendous weather conditions) and all night ogling the lovely totty that you'll encounter in the town's famous drinking holes! So, if it's a debauched and fun filled Stag Do you want....chooseBlackpool!

Directions -

By Car

One of the most convenient methods of reaching our Blackpool stag party destination is by car. This popular stag resort has a direct motorway (M55) that runs into the heart of the town centre.

By Train

Main line services frequently run throughout the day from Manchester and Preston, connecting Blackpool to the rest of the UK's railway Network. So, jump on the train, down a few bevvies and you'll be here in no time!

By Plane

Getting to and from this famous stag party destination by air couldn't be easier. The airport is only around 2.5 miles from the town centre and is serviced by several major airlines. There are regular flight services from London Stansted, Dublin, The Isle of Man and Belfast. Various bus services frequently run to and from the airport.

Ariving By Bus

Major Coach and bus companies run services to and from Blackpool throughout the year, making this an easy destination to reach from all of the UKs major towns and cities.

Getting Around -

On Foot

Blackpool's many tall distinguishing features, namely that large metal imitation of the Eiffel Tower, make it an incredibly easy town to navigate. Blackpool is quite spread out and can be quite a long walk between the stag friendly hotels, bars and clubs. The person involved in organising (the best man) should have an idea of where you want to go before you set off. And, if he doesn't, he should be berated as a fool.

By Taxi

A day at one of our exhilarating activity venues can leave your stag group weak at the knees! Save your legs for the dance floor and get a Taxi. Getting a taxi in Blackpool is probably the easiest method for your stag party group to get around. Book in advance from a hire company, if possible, as prices can be high when hailing a cab from the street.

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Streamline 01253 623535

Paintball in blackpool

  • Paintball including: Nightlife,

    From GBP14.49* per person

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  • 1 Night

    Paintball including: Nightlife, 1 Night Accommodation,

    From GBP54.49* per person

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  • 2 Nights

    Paintball & Clay Shooting including: Nightlife, 2 Night Accommodation,

    From GBP94.49* per person

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  • 2 Nights

    Paintball & Quad Biking including: Nightlife, 2 Night Accommodation,

    From GBP152.99* per person

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