Cardiff Stag Parties

Cardiff didn't get picked as Wales' capital city because they grow the best leeks (that's Swansea), it was purely because they throw the most uproariously entertaining Stag Parties courtesy of the fantastic array of pubs, clubs, bars, casinos and strip clubs that are found to line the city streets! All of Cardiff's drinking establishments are like an after party for a Miss World competition such is the standard of ladies propping up the bars and it's safe to say they will be more than slightly impressed with your drunken dance moves (providing the Robot features heavily) and suave chat up lines! The pulsating nightlife on offer in Cardiff is what makes it such a perfect pick for the Stag-Do to end all Stag Do's and from the minute the first pint is downed, you'll be in for an unforgettable night of Stag high jinx!

Cardiff isn't just home to weighty warbler Charlotte Church, it is a quay side paradise which is a veritable hotbed of activities that will keep you and the rest of your Stag Group entertained throughout the duration of your visit! Few other cities offer such a dazzling array of hip bars, trendy nightspots and, for when the effects of the 10 pints takes hold, cheesy clubs and questionable takeaways! The brilliance of Cardiff is largely thanks to its excellent, and ineiberated chap conducive, layout which will ensure that proceedings don't start to lag! All the awesome bars and pubs can be easily walked (crawled, dragged) to from the centre of the city and the fantastic range of beers and delectable ladies overflowing from the bars will beckon your Stag Group in like a moth to a flame!

Whilst Cardiff is undoubtedly a city of culture, it is also one of the most vibrant and fun loving cities in the UK and the welcoming nature of the Welsh is what makes a Stag Night out here such an awesome and unforgettable one! Absolutely anything that you could want for the ultimate Stag send off will be found on the streets of Cardiff and whether it's a night long pub crawl that you're after or a whole weekend of Stag based mayhem that fits the bill then Cardiff has definitely got you covered! It has all the hotels, hostels and B&B's that you would expect to find in a capital city and the Best Man will get plenty of kudos points for picking such an awesome Stag venue!

Directions -

By Car

The M4 connects our Cardiff hen party location with the rest of the UK's motorway network. Stag parties travelling from the north connect via the M6, M5 and, hop in the car and prepare for the ultimate Stag Party!

By Train

Getting to our Cardiff stag party destination by train is a breeze. Fast and frequent intercity rail services connect Cardiff with the rest of the UK's rail network. Getting to Cardiff from London takes only two hours and direct trains arrive from Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Southampton, Exeter, Torbay and Portsmouth.

By Plane

Cardiff international airport is only 12 miles (19km) away from this popular stag party destination. The airport services flights from all over the UK and Ireland including Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cork, Newquay, Newcastle and Galway. This may be a more cost effective means of reaching this stag destination. Some great deals are available if you book early enough in advance.

Ariving By Plane

A fantastic Airbus Xpress service departs every 30 minutes Monday to Friday, and every hour on the weekend. It costs £7.00 for an adult return. Alternatively, it might be an idea to get a taxi and spread the cost between the members of your hen party (£20.00 per car).

Ariving By Bus

hen parties on a budget might want to consider travelling by coach or bus. The coach and bus station is located centrally next to the train station, only a few minutes walk from our designated stag party bars, clubs and, once you roll into town you can easily have a pint in your hands within minutes!

Getting Around -

On Foot

Cardiff is a reasonably compact city, so getting around on foot shouldn't pose too much of a problem for you and your hen party group. Don't forget to download one of our city maps to find out where all our stag friendly bars, clubs and lap dancing venues are located!

By Taxi

It's the end of the night and you've had an epic day of activities, beer and women! All you want to do now is jump in a taxi and pass out in your nice warm bed. Hailing a taxi in Cardiff is easy and relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, book one...if you've have doubts over the success rate of your drunken flailings! Starline Taxis - 029 2066 6666 Supatax - 029 2045 6789 Cardiff Cabs - 029 2090 9000

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Paintball in cardiff

  • Paintball including: Nightlife,

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  • 1 Night

    Paintball including: Nightlife, 1 Night Accommodation,

    From GBP54.49* per person

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  • 2 Nights

    Paintball & Clay Shooting including: Nightlife, 2 Night Accommodation,

    From GBP143.48* per person

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  • 2 Nights

    Paintball & Quad Biking including: Nightlife, 2 Night Accommodation,

    From GBP134.48* per person

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