Manchester Stag Parties

Manchester has much more than Oasis and an over achieving football team to boast also has a cracking nightlife with out of this world clubs, pubs, bars, restraurants, strip clubs and Casino's! Basically, anything you could possibly want for the ultimate Stag Party Package, you will find it in the vibrant and buzzing city of Manchester! With a densely populated and affluent city centre you will be confronted by some of the trendiest drinking establishments and dazzling young ladies that the North West has to offer and when your your eyes go into shutdown from the overload of beauties that frequent the pubs and clubs you can go and 'use the force' Skywalker style on one of the city's many awesome dance floors!

Manchester has long been a city on the cutting edge in terms of the excellence of its music scene, night life and friendly inhabitants and a Stag Party held within its welcoming city limits will be one that goes down in the record books! With new clubs and bars popping up all over the city ranging from the bustling city centre to the vibrant Castlefield and Fallowfield areas that flank the city centre, you and the rest of your Stag Party will never be short of a place to drink, eat or cause general Stag Group carnage!

Being as how trying to keep tabs on the Stag will be low on your list of priorities, Manchester is very helpful in this respect as it is such an easy city to navigate and all the major attractions are within easy walking (possibly drunken stumbling) distance or can be reached within minutes by taxi! Manchester has it all when it comes to offering everything you need for an epically entertaining Stag Party and with the distinct possibility of running into Bez and his marachas, what more could you ask for!?

Manchester is such an awesome Stag Venue because of the brilliance of the people you'll meet in this exceptional city. Granted you'll have the city's dense (in number not intelligence) student population providing the visual delights but the witty banter of the Mancurian is what the city is built upon. All of Manchester's bars, pubs and clubs will be filled with welcoming and fun loving individuals who are making the most of what Manchester has to offer.....namely, a pulsating Nightlife!

Directions -

By Car

The M60 Ring Road links Manchester with the rest of the UK Motorway Network making this an extremely accessible stag party location to reach by car from anywhere in the UK.

By Train

Manchester Piccadilly train station is located slap bang in the Middle of Manchester and can be reached by locations all over the UK. Fast intercity connections mean that this amazing stag location can be reached in the same morning from virtually anywhere.

By Plane

Our Manchester stag party destination has the biggest airport outside of London, with flights arriving from all over the UK and Ireland.

Ariving By Plane

The airport is approximately 10 miles from the city. Superb transport links run directly between the airport and the city, making getting to and from the stag party destination a breeze. The airport has its own travellator which links directly to all of Manchester's train terminals. Alternatively, taxis are relatively inexpensive when split between a few people.

Ariving By Bus

The National Express run direct services between Chorlton st (just a few minutes walk away from Manchester Piccadilly train station) and several other notable UK cities including Liverpool, Leeds and London. This is definitely an option worth looking at if your stag party is on a tight budget.

Getting Around -

On Foot

Contrary to popular belief, walking around Manchester on foot, won't pose a problem for you and your stag party. Not knowing where you're going, however, will. That's why we've been kind enough to provide a detailed map for you to download for free! It's got all the important information on, such as where all the best stag friendly bars, clubs and strip joints are, including any drinks offers or happy hours available.

By Taxi

After a day chock full of adrenaline fuelled activities and a night of beer guzzling antics, you may feel that walking back to the hotels is beyond you completely. Make sure you jot these numbers down on a scrap of paper and shove it your pocket. Taxifone - 0161 236997 Express Car Hire Ltd - 0800 5873004 Manchester Cars - 0161 2283355

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