London Stag Parties

When London was picked as the UK's capital city, the judges based their pick purely on which city held the best Stag Parties and London won hands down! And that's scientific fact! Feel free to check in the history books if you are sceptical (not literally....unless you wish to be disappointed). However, what is clear is that London has all the bars, nightclubs, casinos, hotels, strip clubs and pubs that are befitting of the nation's capital and all the Stag Do's that venture down don't leave disappointed!

It's safe to say that, as London is such a vast city, you will be overwhelmed with the standard of the local talent and as it's a tourist hot-spot you may be able to woo some overseas ladies with your British charm...this, however, may be reliant upon not drinking until the room spins and the adoption of a posh accent! Stag Nights in London are so fantastic because the nightlife is such a mixed bag but, fortunately for all those who visit, it is a brilliant mixture of hip bars, traditional pubs, vibrant clubs and, most importantly, the breathtaking beauties who fill all the drinking establishments!

London is such a gargantuan city that it wouldn't be possible to take in all its bars in a single night (and, if you did, the Guinness Book Of Records would be knocking on your door with a prize for most pints drunk in a single sitting!) However, regardless of which London Borough that you opt for, you will be guaranteed of an epically entertaining night of Stag Party mayhem courtesy of the fine selection of ladies, tasty beers and excellent music!

If it's a Stag-Do on a grand scale that you're looking for then London is the only logical choice! No other city offers such a wealth of things to see and do! Whether it's the bright lights of London's West End that you fancy or a pub crawl around the capital's boozers that appeals, you will be able to do this whilst taking in all the recognisable landmarks that you come across, not to mention the unfeasibly attractive ladies that you'll encounter!

It goes without saying that London has some of the finest hotels, hostels and B&B's out there, so if you decide that a debauched Stag Weekend is the best way forward then you'll definitely not be short of places to sleep off that hangover! So, for the ultimate Stag Party adventure, it's London all the way! The buzzing nightlife of the city is world renowned and rightly so as no other city has such an eclectic mix of characters, choice of drinking establishments, cutting edge music scene and much, much more! Absolutely unmissable!

Directions -

By Car

Are you mad? Use public transport instead! Its miles more convenient! Driving to and around London is a nightmare. It's slow, stressful and you won't be able to find a parking space. The M25 ring road encircles London and connects this popular stag party destination with the rest of the UK's Motorway Network, (M1, M11, M20, M26, M3, and M4).

By Train

Taking the train is easily the most convenient way of reaching this stag party destination. Almost everywhere has a direct connection to one of the London stations and can be reached in the same morning from virtually anywhere in the UK. Take a seat, have some banter, crack open the stubbies and prepare for one of the greatest Stag weekends of your life!

By Plane

You can fly into London from almost anywhere in the UK and Ireland. This popular stag destination is served by 5 airports including Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted. Gatwick, Luton and Stansted are the smaller airports and are your best bet of getting a budget deal when flying from within the UK. Your stag party group should check out Rynair and EasyJet well in advance for cheap flights.

Ariving By Plane

Getting between any of the airports and your stag party location in London is easy. Extensive transport links exist between all the major airports and London itself.

Ariving By Bus

Getting the Coach to London is also incredibly easy and the bus station is only minutes from the major train station. This is a great option for those stag party groups on a tight budget!

Getting Around -

On Foot

London is one of the biggest cities in the world, and needless to say you may struggle to walk round it, especially if you don't know where you're going! You need to plan carefully which part of London to spend your evening in and then stick to it! We've kindly put together a free map for you which will not only show you where you are going, but also point you in the direction of the best bars and clubs.

By Taxi

Get a black cab when your legs are no longer communicating with your beer soaked brain. Cabs can be quite expensive so make sure you split the fare between a few members of the stag party. Hailing one of these black beauties can prove quite tricky in popular night spots so be prepared for a wait. See if you can walk to the next bar instead, using one of our superb stag city guides!

Paintball in london

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  • 1 Night

    Paintball including: Nightlife, 1 Night Accommodation,

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