Brighton Stag Parties

Brighton is the ultimate party town on the sea and the many Stag Groups that tread the streets, drink the pints and marvel at the exceptional standard of the ladies will be blown away by the sheer excellence of the nightlife and the overt vibrancy of the Brighton natives! The choice of Brighton as your Stag-Do venue is an obvious one when you consider the classy bars, oppulent nightclubs, visually spectacular strip clubs and luck testing casinos that it has to offer and, should you lose all the cash set aside for the honeymoon or new house, then at least you're next to the sea, so, a fast getaway is eminently possible!

Your Stag Party organiser will have a lot to thank the architect of Brighton for as its layout couldn't be more friendly to your Stag Group as you shift through the gears of ineiberation! From the show starting pubs through to the much needed food pit-stop and then finally onto your choice of dance floor to sully with your most obscenely poor dance moves everything will be extremely easy to reach on foot.....depending on how heavy the Stag is and how far you have to carry him! And, rest assured, the beautiful ladies will not "frown upon" you giving up the ghost with the Stag and leaving him propped up in a bush.

Brighton is such an awesome city for a Stag Night because it packages all the elements of what make a perfect Stag Do in one tidy booze filled package! It has a cutting edge nightlife and there is so much going on in the cool new bars and massive nightclubs that keep popping up in Brighton and the spectacular young ladies that flow forth from them will make your eyes water! It is safe to say that Brighton is a pulsating city and this energy keeps the night positively buzzing as your Stag Party navigates from bar to bar and pint glass to pint glass!

Stag Weekends in Brighton are definitely the way forward for those Stag Groups who want to send their mate off with a bang in the form of an extended drinking sesh! It has all the B&B's, Hotels and Hostels that you could hope for and once you've slept off the previous nights debauchery, you can go out and do it all again! Brighton is a warm, welcoming and fun loving city and there is simply no better place for the ultimate in Stag Party entertainment!

Directions -

By Car

You and your stag party can reach Brighton in 45 minutes from the M25 motorway. Please note that getting to Brighton by car can be a nightmare on weekends and during holiday time. Best bet-..get the train instead!

By Train

Sit back, relax and have a few beers whilst riding the rails! Getting to this famous stag destination by train is a practical option for stag party members travelling from all over the UK. Brighton train station is only an hour's journey from Victoria (London) and direct services run from big cities in Scotland, South Wales, the North West, the Midlands and the West Country.

By Plane

Our Brighton stag destination is approximately 30 minutes and 90 minutes respectively by road or rail from Gatwick and Heathrow. Quick and reliable coach links run between the airports and Brighton coach station.

Ariving By Bus

Brighton is fed by several major coach companies including an express service from London and its major airports. The coach station (Pool Valley Coach Station) is a stone throws away from our stag party friendly hotels, hostel, bars and clubs. Download one of our free city guide maps to find out more.

Getting Around -

On Foot

Your stag group will have absolutely no worries finding the next 2 for 1 pub in this lively city. Brighton is a relatively small city and all of our bars, clubs and hotels etc are within walking distance of each other. Suck in another lung full of sea air as you attempt to regain your balance before the next pub!

By Taxi

Your stag group will have no issues getting a taxi in this costal resort. Taxis are plentiful and you will have no problem flagging one down in the street. You may also see Asian style tuk tuks which provide a fun, if not slightly cramped way of getting around the area.

Brighton & Hove City Cabs (01273) 205205
Brighton & Hove Radio Cabs (01273) 204060
Streamline Taxis (01273) 202020

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    Paintball including: Nightlife, 1 Night Accommodation,

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