Bridge Bungee Jump

only £80.00 per person

It is a personal challenge. A state-of-mind. An exploration of limits. A few seconds of heart-thumping bliss. An experiment with gravity. Great, exhilarating, safe fun.? Bungee jumping is once-in-a-lifetime free-fall experience of 40 metres towards water from a bridge Bungee jump platform. An airborne flight of a few seconds at over 50 mph before a special Bungee jump cord springs you back to normal, upright, life. A safe and unforgettable adrenalin packed experience using the latest technology and safety equipment, led by experienced, qualified Bungee Jump Masters.

N.B. : Consult a doctor for any of the following:
High Blood Pressure,
Heart Condition,
Dizziness or Epilepsy,
Damage to Neck, Back, Spinal Column, Legs or Eyes,
On any form of medication.

Restrictions: MinAge: 14,  MaxWeight: 120 Kg,  MinGroup: 1,  MaxGroup: 90, 

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    Alice wilson

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    Wilma Lawrie

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    Maria Boca

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    Michael Riopel

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