Laser Combat - 2 Hours (6yrs+)

only £28.50 per person

Laser combat games provide the same adrenalin pumping action and excitement as paintball but without the pain. Laser combat games or laser tag as its often called are unlike any other forms of laser sport such as quasar or laser quest. It doesnt have the restriction of a dark indoor setting, just pure outdoor fun. Whilst charging through the woodland blasting the enemy with hi-tech laser combat weapons you will undertake various spectacular realistic missions. Laser Combat Games use weapons so advanced that they are used to train the armed forces. With infra-red technology similar to that found in your television remote control it's absolutely harmless, ranges of up to 750 metres allows you to pick off the enemy with deadly accurate laser fire.

Restrictions: MinAge: 6,  MinGroup: 10, 

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  • " A big thanks to Ellis for giving the Jules and his friends such a fabulous fun time.

    Mark Roberts

    RATED 4 out of 5